Here news and informations are posted related both to Physics and Engineering, and equally importantly to its European/regional aspects. All section members are requested to submit relevant information (Web URL address) to the Section Chairman, Laszlo P. Csernai at the Inst. of Physics and Technology of the University of Bergen, Norway

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13 September 2012: The Annual Generral Assembly of Acadedemia Europaea is Concluding today in Bergen: Brief Report and New Members elected and to be invited to accept membership.

10 September 2012: Satellite Workshop: Heavy Ions in Science and Health

26 May 2012: Section Nomination Meeting, 2012

25 May 2012: Annual Section Report, 2010/2011

25 May 2012: Budget request for Satellite Workshop, Bergen AE AGC 2012

25 May 2012: Support for Open Access initiative

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19-22 September 2011: Report on the Paris AE Annual General Meeting

21 August 2011: Section & Section Committee Meeting, Paris, Sept. 20, 2011

21 August 2011: AE AGC Program, Sept. 19-22, 2011

12 June 2011: Annual Section Report, 2010/2011

25 March 2011: Section Committee meeting, Darmstadt

27 January 2011: The 2010/11 nominations cycle Call for nominations.

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30 November 2010: Harold Lewis is Emeritus Professor of Physics, University of California, Santa Barbara; (Former member Defense Science Board, Former member USAF Scientific Advisory Board; Served in US Navy in WW II) has written a letter in October 2010 [ HL-Resignation], to the APS in connection with the recent APS "Climate Change Commentary" (April 2010) and the APS procedure leading to it. APS has issued a [ Response] to the letter in the November Issue of APS News.

12 November 2010: Memorial Symposium in honor of Nicola Cabibbo

30 October 2010: New Initiatives at the European Physical Society

9-12 September 2010: Report on the Leuven AE Annual General Meeting

9 September 2010: New Members 2010

8 June 2010: Section Committee and Section meeting Announcement: At the Academia Europaea 22nd Annual Conference (Thursday 09 - Saturday 11 September 2010, Leuven) there will be a section meeting on Thursday 9 September, 11.30-12.00 in Room: MSI 02.15, in the Monseigneur Sencie Institute for the Physics and Engineering section meeting. The room is available earlier, an earlier start around 10:00 is recommended, however, the AE Council Meeting ends at 11:30, so Council members, will not arrive before.

18 April 2010: The American Physical Society issued a COMMENTARY on its 2007 statement on Climate Change, indicating that the issue is more complex [APS].

09 March 2010: József Pálinkás, a member of our section, is elected to be co-vice-chair of the European Academies Science Advisory Council [EASAC].

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30 November 2009: Energy and Climate: The European and American Physical Societies, totalling close to 200 000 members, have made statements of relevance for current climate concerns; A Position Paper (EPS)"Energy and Environment - The Intimate Link" and a Statement on Climate Change (APS). Both emphasize that the complexity of the climate issue (climate often defined as average weather over a 30 year period), makes accurate predictions difficult, and urge enhanced efforts to better understand underlying causes, including effects of human activity on the Earth's climate and the intimate link between energy and environment. This challenge is being amplified by possible upcoming energy shortage and the need to explore non-fossile energy resources better. Interplay between a number of science disciplines, among them physics, is needed to make necessary progress. EPS stresses that sustained and improved monitoring of planet Earth is needed to correctly select and understand changing climate parameters and to verify and validate climate models. - [EPS-1], [EPS-2], [Physics World], [APS-1], [APS-2]

5 October 2009: Call for nomination of - New Members

24-26 September 2008: Report on the Naples AE Annual General Meeting

23-24 September 2009: Minutes of the Naples AE Nominations Subcomm. & Council Meetings

24 September 2009: New Members 2009

27-28 April 2009: Minutes of the Berlin AE Council Meeting

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20 September 2008: Call for nomination of - New Members

18-20 September 2008: Report on the Liverpool AE Annual General Meeting

27 July 2008: New Members 2008

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28 September 2007: Call for nomination of - New Members

5 September 2007: Report on the Toledo AE Annual General Meeting

17 August 2007: Jules Deutsch is organizing an AE Symposium on Complexity in April 2008.

30 July 2007: New Members 2007

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28 September 2006: Call for nomination of New Members

24 September 2006: Report on the Budapest AE Annual Meeting

20 April 2006: New Members 2006

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24 October 2005: Report on the Inaugural Meeting of the Scientific Council of ERC for the Section.

20 October 2005: Report on the Inaugural Meeting of the Scientific Council of ERC by Cordis.

18 October 2005: Announcement of the Inaugural Meeting of the Scientific Council of ERC

24 September 2005: Report on the Potsdam AE Annual Meeting

18 July 2005: The members of the ERC Scientific Council are announced. 12 of the 22 are Members of Academia Europaea, including our section chairman Norbert Kroo.

22 April 2005: New Members 2005

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5 September 2004: New Members 2004

2 September 2004: Helsinki, Brief summary of the Section Meeting.

2 September 2004: On Sept. 2, Thursday, from 16:30 to 18:00 there will be a section meeting, during the Helsinki Annual Meeting of AE. The location of the meeting will be decided later.

10 July 2004: Among the points of the Agenda the "Creation of the AE Expert database" will be discussed. In preparation for this, all section members are requested to reply YES or NO if they want to be included in the database. A reply YES in the subject is sufficient. If there is no reply, or the reply does not arrive, the response will be assumed to be NO! (This will be the case if due to whatever reason, as wrong address, Spam filter, quota exceeded, or policy restrictions, this email does not reach the addressee, and consequently no response arrives. There are about 10 such addresses in the mailing list, indicated by /?? in cases where problems occurred.)
Please send the reply to the address:
IN case of YES, your field of expertise will be the same as in the AE Membership database. If you wish to be listed with other keyword(s) as your field(s) of expertise please include this also in the reply. Please limit your selection to at most 12 keywords. Preliminary Expert Database.

18 September 2004: Prof. D. Weaire, VP of the AE, is organising a one-day workshop (September 18) on the history of physics, in the form of a joint open meeting of the relevant committees of the IOP and the EPS. The location will be the ESPCI, rue Vauquelin, Paris 5. Themes of presentations by the invited speakers will be concentrated on science museums and magnetism. AE members are more than welcome to participate. Registration (no fee) is by a simple email notification to, who can supply details.

30 June 2004: Deadline for application for the AE symposium on 'MIRROR-SYMMETRY' (Jan 14-15, 2005, London)

2-4 September 2004: Registration for the 16th Annual conference of the Academia Europaea, and pre-conference workshop.

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31 December 2003: New Members 2003

15 December 2003: The European Research Council Expert Group (ERCEG) presented its report about the establishment of ERC: The Final Report. The ERCEG includes four members of Academia Europaea (of alltogether 8+1).

23 July 2003: AE statement: "Towards the European Research Council"

27 May 2003: AE Commission consultation on Excellence and Transparency: "The Role of Universities in the Europe of Knowledge"

11 September 2003: Graz, Brief summary of the Section Meeting.

15 July 2003: Proposal for a symposium of the ACADEMIA EUROPAEA on 'MIRROR-SYMMETRY'

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October 2002, New Members 2002

11 October 2002, Lisbon, Brief summary of the Section Meeting.

9-12 October 2002, Lisbon, Annual General Meeting " Workshop on 'The Academia Europaea - What Future?'" Follow-up doc and Cover letter, Mixed Notes.

5 August 2002, New Web Site of Academia Europaea includes a link to the Web site of our section: (i) click on ABOUT US (left), then on (ii) ACADEMIC MANAGEMENT (right), and then (iii) in the middle of the page to " ... Physics ...".

30 May - 1 June 2002, Stockholm "Excellence in Higher Education" - International Conference - Announcement

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December 2001, New Members 2001

16-18 Nov. 2001, AE "Workshop on Virtuality" at the Istituto Veneto, Venice, Italy.

28 Sept. 2001, Letter of EPS to AE on the Resolutions of the World Congress of Physical Societies.

22 Sept. 2001, MAEs of the section, Norbert Kroo and Arnold Schmidt as well as MAEs Enric Banda, Catherine Cesarsky, Gerard Megie, Erwin Neher, Helga Nowotny (Chair), and Lars Wallĝe were elected members of the European Research Advisory Board (EURAB)

17 Sept. 2001, Letter of Norbert Kroo requesting "suggestions for talks in Lisbon in Oct. 2002".

27-28 June 2001, Brussels: Conference on "An Enlarged Europe for Researchers", organized by the European Commission.

14 June 2001, Rotterdam: Minutes of the meeting of the Physics and Engineering Section of the Academia Europaea

14 June 2001, Rotterdam: Jules Deutsch's presentation on "Promotion of scientific literacy in Europe"

14-16 June 2001, Rotterdam: 13th Annual Meeting of the Academia Europaea

16 May 2001, Discussion Topic: Science and Society, for the Rotterdam Annual Meeting.

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October 2000, Gdansk: Address at the Concil of Europe's conference on "Science and Technology in Europe - Prospects for the 21st Century".

18-20 September 2000, Strasbourg: Conference on Research Infrastructures (European Commission)

Aug. 2000, A new approach to elections to the Academia. (The Tree, 15, Aug. 2000.)

15-17 June 2000, Prague: Concepts of Time, Academia Europaea 12th Annual Scientific Meeting

April 2000, London: Towards a European research area, Responses from the Academia Europaea
to the Communication from the European Commission, January 2000 (full text)