May 16, 2001



Discussion Topic: Science and Society

Dear Colleague,
Dear Member of the
Physics/Engineering section
of the Academia Europaea,

On the request of Norbert KROO, the chair of our section, we send you some information on the "Science, Society and the Citizen in Europe" initiative of the EU within its Sixth Framework Programme. Our chair plans a discussion on this topic in Rotterdam; if you can not participate, your comments by e-mail would nevertheless be welcome. The Academia and, in particular, our section may provide important contributions to this aspect of the Sixth Framework Programme in preparation.

The main working document of the Commission on this topic, (SEC(2000)1973), can be dowloaded from the site . On the same site your comments are also invited, by June 1 if possible. We would appreciate to receive a copy of your eventual comments for distribution in our section.

For your information, we give you also the site which describes corresponding EU-activities within the Fifth framework programme:

Finally, we attach a Working Document prepared by one of us (JD) to the intention of Commissioneer Busquin and the ESF.

Looking forward to your interest and contribution, with best regards,

László P. Csernai ( and
Jules Deutsch (,
members of the Physics/Engineering section
of the Academia Europaea

PS: Section Meetings are scheduled for Thursday, June 14 at 15:00 - 16:00.