Nov. 19, 2001



AE Workshop on Virtuality

The meeting was held at the Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti, in the Palazzo Loredan in Venezia, Italy. Espen Aarseth, (Bergen), Jan Annerstedt, (Frederiksberg), Ian Butterworth, (London), David Coates, (London), Laszlo Csernai, (Bergen), Andre Heck, (Strasbourg), Gennaro Iorio, (Salerno), Ludwig Issing, (Berlin), Giuseppe Longo, (Trieste), Franco Mastroddi, (Brussels), Maria Flaminia Ramos, (Lisbon), Seamus Ross, (Glasgow), Paulo Siqueira, (Trieste), Fred Steward, (Birmingham), and John Walsh, (Chicago) participated in the workshop.

AE Statement based on the workshop, and sent to the Spanish Presidency contacts, EU member state Ministers, Commissioners, MEPs, and national government representatives in Brussels.


Seamus Ross: (.ppt) "Erpanet: The Lund Principles ..."

Paulo Siqueira: "Latin American and European Universities"

Andre Heck: "Virtual Observatories, ... "

Ludvig Issing: (.ppt) "Virtualizing Higher Education"

Ludvig Issing: (.ppt) "Virtuality from a Psychological Perspective"

Jan Annerstedt: (.ppt) "Infocom Related Industry: What's New?"