A new approach to elections to the Academia

The Council recently created a sub-group to advise on the "Rejuvenation" of the Academia. Following the work of this group, the Council has taken the following decision concerning the election process.

- The membership target should be raised from the previous informal figure of 2000 to 2500. This will eliminate any sense that the membership, currently around 1900, is approaching its limit, and will give fresh impetus to new nominations.

-At least 50 % of all future candidates submitted by the Sections should be below the age of 55, with particular preference for candidates below the age of 50. Older candidates will continue to be elected if they remain academically active.

- The Nominations and Election procedure should be consolidated into an annual process, enabling the members and the Sections to be aware of regular dates for the receipt of the nominations and other stages in the election process.

- Candidates should be permitted to complete the factual parts of their own nomination form (personal details, career record, publications), once they have been nominated by a member. If preferred, nominators could continue to retain the previous practice under which candidates were not aware they were being considered for membership.

- New members should be welcomed personally during the Annual Meeting.

The Annual Nomination and Election cycle

The annual cycle decided by the Council is as follows:

End of May
Deadline for nominations by Members to Section Chairpersons.

June - September
Assessment by the Sction Committee.

End of September
Deadline for Section Chairpersons to send their nominations to the office.

Meeting of the Nominations Subcommittee.

Election by the Council. Newly elected members informed.

Annual Meeting
Newly elected members publicly welcomed.

This cycle will be implemented from 2001 onwards. As a transitional measure, a further round of nominations will take place in late 2000, for which nominations by the Sections should be received at the office by the end of October 2000.
Nomination forms are available on request to the office.

[From 'The Tree' Issue 15 . August 2000 . page 8 .]