MAE Nominations - 2008 Fall

There is one month left to nominate new
members.  The deadline is October 26 for
next year's elections!  Two MAEs shoud 
nominate a new MAE, at least one should be
from a country other than the candidate's
(residence or citizenship).

The 2008 nominations timetable

26 OCTOBER 2008  	All nomination dossiers to be received by Sections 
30 DECEMBER 2008 	Completion of Section Committee assessments
29 FEBRUARY 2009	Assessment, rankings and dossiers to the AE Office
APRIL 2009		Nominations committee meeting
MAY 2009		Invitations to approved candidates
SEPTEMBER  2009		Introduction of new members - Naples, ITALY

Please consult the member's pages of the
central AE website:

Nominations and elections process

Download the nominations instructions

Download the nominations forms

Please note that Nominations in .pdf format  with signature are
accepted and preferred. If the nominators cannot sign the forms 
sent by email the page with the signatures can be faxed to 
Laszlo Csernai, fax: +47 55589440. The two nominators may fax two
separate signature pages with only one signature on each. Mailed
and signed nominations on paper are also welcome.

Laszlo P. Csernai

PS: If a section member did not receive my emails,
but sees this info, (s)he should send me an email
address to:

If the SPAM filter of the    domain
filters out your email, I would not get any information
from you, neither the submitted nominations. 
If you do not get confirmation or reply from me,
please try to contact me in other ways, or use the