Section Committee Meeting
Physics and Engineering Section

Darmstadt, March 25-26, 2011
Section Committee members present at the Meeting:

  L.P. Csernai, NO, Chair
  J. Aichelin,  FR
  H. Stoecker,  GE
  Z. Rudzikas,  LT
  M. Farge,     FR
  M. Harakeh,   NL  and
  A. Mischke,   NL observer: Young Academy


Minutes of the Meeting

Z. Rudzikas, L.P. Csernai, M. Harakeh, A. Mischke,
J. Aichelin, K.H. Langanke, M. Farge, H. Stöcker
at the Gesellschaft fuer SchwehrIonenforsung (GSI)

Plasma studies with laser and 10 MeV.A heavy-ion beams. Control room of the experiments for super-heavy elements. The Periodic Table of Elements with the new super-heavies.

New Heavy-Ion radiation therapy developed in GSI, the Heavy-Ion beam arrives from the accelerator (green exit window) and X-ray sources at the top to locate the tumor with millimeter accuracy. The location of the patient in front of the beam and the members of the Committee following the presentation. The exit window of the heavy-ion beam. Heavy-ion beam radiation therapy destroys the tumor with millimeter accuracy at required depth, while negligible damage is done to the tissue in front of the tumor at lower depth. At GSI more than 440 patients were treated successfully with no side effects. Following this prototype, this heavy-ion tumor-therapy is now introduced at the clinics of Heidelberg, Kiel and Marburg/Giessen.


  The AE Annual General meeting in 2011 will be held in Paris, between
Sept. 19 - 22.  The main organizer is Michel Che. Our vice-chair, Marie
Farge will coordinate the connected Physics and Engineering programme, 
envisaged for the days preceding the conference.

  The AE Annual General meeting in 2012 will be held in Bergen, Norway in