Liverpool AE Report

Physics and Engineering Section

Sept. 18-20, 2008

Marie Farge, Andrej Cebers, Laszlo P. Csernai, 
Juri Engelbrecht, Etienne Guyon, Tom Kibble,
Laszlo Sarkadi, Ivo Slaus and Denis Weaire

Sir Brian Heap, Ivo Slaus, - Laszlo Csernai, Pal Venetianer, Laszlo Sarkadi

A brief section meeting was arranged on Thursday between 13:00 - 14:00. 
As the AGM started later, not all participating section members were present
at the section meeting.

 The section meeting discussed the following points:

  - Section projects:
  - Report on Energy related work in AE  was briefly presented based
    on the written report from Jan S. Vaagen
  - Report on sci. evaluation  project - Section initiated AE project.
    An ERC proposal was submitted, in the Spring of 2008, with the
    participation of other sections, this did not receive funding 
    at this funding period and the further development of the proposal
    and resubmission was postponed. 

  - New members: Of the 14 nominated new members 12 were appointed as 
    new MAEs. Two of them were present, Etienne Guyon and Laszlo Sarkadi.
    Five additional members were appointed as new members on the
    president's list.   

  - Nominations: More than 20 former members became unreachable
    via email, which indicates that the nomination of new members is
    one of our most important task further on. Deadline for the nominations
    to reach the section-committee/section-chair is 26th of October, 2008.
    The Section Committee will review and rank the nominations during
    November 2008.

  - Section Committee: Two members of the Section Committee, 
    Ian Butterworth and Heinz Duddeck will retire at the end of the year
    as their two terms (2 x 3 years) will expire. Nominations for one
    or two new members are welcome by 26th of October, 2008. Up to now 
    one nomination has arrived for Roger Cashmore (Oxford) by Ian 
    Butterworth. The Section will elect one of two from the nominees 
    (via email) in November. 

  - The Council is discussing a plan of an AE Congress series with 4 year
    frequency for 1000+ participants. The feasibility and financing are
    the present questions to decide about.

  - The Council has recommended the establishments of National Contact
    points for the Council of AE, to provide relevant information to
    MAEs in the given countries, in particular Council member(s) from
    the given country in mind.

Members have nominated 14 nominees. From these 12 new members             
were elected by the council, after evaluation by the section committee
and the nominations subcommittee. Furthermore on the "president's list
the section received additional 5 new members. Nevertheless, the number
of active section members is still decreasing, and a larger number of 
nominations would be needed to keep the size of the section.

 - Etienne Guyon has recommended to start an AE initiated project on
    Natural Science Education, eventually in cooperation with other
    sections. Those, who are interested in participating in the project
    in some forms should contact Etienne Guyon
    ( ) or the Section Chair.

  - Lars Walløe (Oslo) has taken over office as new president of AE
    at the end of the AGM.

Liverpool, September 20th, 2008
Laszlo P. Csernai