Paris AE Report

Section Meeting and Section Committee meeting of
the Physics and Engineering Section of
Academia Europaea
Paris, Sept. 20, 2011

Martial Ducloy         
Pavel   Exner         
Karl-Ontjes Groeneveld 
Georges Hadziioannou  
Niels   Hansen              
Peter   Neumann           
Vitauts Tamuzs         
Jan S.  Vaagen         
Ionel-Valentin Vlad       
   Laszlo P. Csernai   
   Marie     Farge 
Other registered AGM participants:
Roger    Elliott  /Board mtg.             
Jerzy M. Langer   /Board mtg.   
Juri     Engelbrecht       
Etienne  Guyon     
Namik K. Pak  
Bernard  Veltman


View of Paris from the venue of the Section Meeting, and the Annual Business Meeting in the UNESCO building.

See further pictures at the AE Info website.



1. Elections for Section Committee:
   There are two vacancies to be filled in 2011, and one in 2012 
   Two nominees were nominated at the meeting:
     Pavel Exner     from 2011 Sept.
     Jan. S. Vaagen  from 2012 Sept.
   Both nominees were elected unanimously by the Section Meeting
   One more vacancy is open for 2011. Nomination(s) are welcome. The
   nominee should agree: (i) To invest time and effort into the tasks of
   the Section Committee and participate in two Section Committee meetings
   each year in an European city at a 1.5 day meeting. One meeting is 
   around the end of May or beginning of June, the other is preceding the
   AE AGM in September. (ii) The nominee should be willing and should have
   the means to cover the costs of participation at the Section Committee
   meetings personally or via his/her employer or supporting home 
   institution. The election will take place during the Fall of 2011 via
   email, as soon as possible. Women, East Europeans and Engineers are

2. Membership elections
   The progress of the election process is reported to the Section Meeting
   by Laszlo P. Csernai. After evaluation and ranking by the Section Committe
   all nominations went through approval by the AE Nominations Subcommittee
   and by the AE Council.
   - The section nominations for ordinary members (~60) are approved with
   one exception. Membership will commence when the new members accept
   - Two of the four Section nominations for Foreign Members
   were approved. 
   - Both Section Committee nominations for the President's
   list were approved. Additional six nominations to the P&E Section, which 
   arrived to the Preident's list were approved, and one was transferred to
   normal Section Committee evaluation, which will take place in the next
   election period. 

3. Other important information

   - The next AE Annual General Conference will be in Bergen, Norway starting
   with nomination meetings on Monday, September 10, 2012. A Local Organizing 
   Committee is appointed by the President and the Board. Prof. Jan S. Vaagen
   of our section is in the LOC.

   - The AE opens a second office in Wroclav, Poland with two employees and
   a yearly budget of 20 kEuro. The office is in the city center.

   - The Section budget for 2011 was assigned to support the associated 
   scientific and section programs at the Paris AGM.  Most of these expenses
   were covered by local sources, so from our 2011 yearly  budget (exceeding
   2 kEuro) only a few hundred were spent. The rest was donated to support
   the "European Review", the AE's periodical.

   - Possibilities for a satellite meeting preceding the 2012 Bergen AGM
   for the P&E Section were discussed. M. Farge, L.P. Csernai and J.S.
   Vaagen will work out the plans. The 2012 section budget will be used
   for this satellite activity.

Laszlo P. Csernai    Marie Farge
Chair                vice-chair

Oct. 1, 2012

Preliminary list of new members (pending acceptance):

Ana Achucarro
Marcis Auzinsh
Christian Beck
Roberto Benzi
Nihat Berker
Michael Berry
Rudolf M Bock
Thomas Boller
Peter Braun-Munzinger
Yves Brechet
Andrew Briggs
Tamas Csorgo
Jean Dalibard
Bernard	Derrida
Dmitri I Diakonov
Tomasz Dietl
Barbara	Erazmus
Ayse Erzan
Daniel Esteve
Carlos Fiolhais
Shaun N	Fisher
Antoine	Georges
Carsten Greiner
Ian G. Halliday
Serge Haroche
Rolf-Dieter Heuer
Sigurd Hofmann
Michael Huth
Mikhail G Itkis
Hagen Kleinert
Jacek Kossut
Werner Krauth
Karl-Heinz Langanke
Marek Lewitowicz
Rezso G Lovas
Luigi Lugiato
Fabio Marchesoni
Dag Rune Olsen
Costas N Papanicolas
Luciano	Pietronero
Claude-A Pillet
Jean-Michel Raimond
Dieter Rohrich
Christoph Scheidenberger
Djordje Sijacki
Valentin Smirnov
Minh Quang Tran
Valery I Zagrebaev
Vladimir Zakharov
Einar Hope
Sergey Ablameyko
Jean_March Chomaz
Yves Couder
Rolf K Eckhoff
Stephan Fauve
Xavier Garbet
Martin Greiner
John Hinch
Reinhard F. Huettl
Anke K.-Pyzalla
Nikolaos Makris
George D. Manolis
Arnold Migus
Tim Pedley
Patrick Tabeling
Richard B Vinter
Joseph H Hamilton
Alessandro Vespignani