Toledo AE Report

Physics and Engineering Section

Section Meeting, Sept. 3, 2007 

Sierd Cloetingh /B5, David Coates /exec.sec., Karl-Ontjes Groeneveld, 
Sir Brian Heap /AE-T, Georges Martin, Zenonas Rudzikas, Ivo Slaus, 
Jan S. Vaagen, Denis Weaire and Laszlo P. Csernai

Vitauts Tamuzs and Manuel G. Velarde have also attended the AE
Annual General Meeting

  Laszlo P. Csernai has proposed two new members to the Section
Committee, which were then appointed by the AE Board and Council:
Marie Farge (Paris) and Horst Stoecker (Frankfurt).
  Norbert Kroo was asked to continue to serve on the Section 
Committee as the past section chair.

Members have nominated 8 nominees. From these 5
               new members             
were elected by the council, after evaluation by the section committee
and the nominations subcommittee. Nevertheless, the number of section
members is still decreasing, and a larger number of nominations would
be needed to keep the size of the section. As Academia Europaea has
started up its activity 20 years ago, with an average age of ~ 60,
in the coming years a more nominationa are needed.

Based on the principles introduced last year (see there) two project
activities have started up. Both are in a phase of securing longer
term, solid financing.

Scientific Evaluation:   After approaching some institutions, the 
Catholic University of Leuven, (Faculty of Economics and Applied 
Economics, Managerial economics, Strategy and Innovation unit)
Prof. Wolfgang Glšnzel (also editor of the international journal
Scientometrics) accepted the role as coordinator for an EU sponsored
collaborative project, where the main participating institutions
are Academia Europaea and the Catholic University of Leuven.
The institutions of a few AE members who initiated the project
will also be included to have a collaboration of 5 - 10 institutions.

Energy Research:   Jan S. Vaagen has reported that apart of the
AE seed money, a support of near to 20 kEuro was received from
Nordic Energy.  A cooperation with EASAC was discussed for soliciting
further support /Sir Brian Heap/.  A cooperation with the  Earth
and Cosmic Sciences section (B5) was also initiated in relation of
fossile and nuclear resources /Sierd Cloetingh/.  The next year 
"Bergen - Energy Forsight Symposium" is planned to be co-organized
by Academia Europaea.