Scientific Evaluation, use of Bibliometry and Peer Review

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November 2007: --- Richard Whitley: Yearbook on Research Evaluation - introductory chapter: Changing Governance of the Public Sciences (Springer, to be published shortly)

August 2007: --- Tibor Braun: Based on papers from the journal Scientometrics, two monographies are published recently: "Evaliations of individual scientists and research institutions" and "The impact factor of scientific and scholarly journals - Its use and misuse in research evaluation .

March 2007: --- Dénes Berényi MAE: "Experiences in Hungary related to the Scientific Evaluation Project" - a brief summary

March 2007: --- Denis Weaire MAE: "Time for a rethink of research proposal evaluation?": In press, European Review

January 2007: --- Ole H. Petersen MAE, FRS chaired the Royal Society's Working Group on the effectiveness and efficiency of peer review and our report has very recently been published on The RS website:

July 2006: --- Ole H. Petersen MAE, FRS chaired The Royal Society's Working Group on the UK National Research Assessment Exercise and the report was published on the RS website:

March 2006: --- A symposium on "Quality Assessment of Higher Education in Europe: problems, practises and solutions" was organized by Alessandro Cavalli, MAE, member of the Council of Academia Europaea, in Pavia, and the proceedings is published by the Academia, - by The Portland Press, London, 2006. The goal of the meeting and its program , with links to some of the talks can be found on the web. The goals and program are mirrored here also.