AE - Physics and Engineering Section - one-day topical workshop, Bergen

Event Location: University of Bergen

Event date: 10 September, 2012



Heavy Ions in Science and Health


Nuclear physics has important new applications for society, in particular for radiation treatment of cancer and nuclear diagnostic methods, both of which use most recent advances in nuclear physics research. The workshop is focusing on research and education in nuclear physics and its applications in the field of healthcare and diagnostics.


Venue: 9:00 - 13:00 - Alegaten 55 (66), Auditorium B, and a Guided Tour to the old accelerator from 14:30 - 15:30 with meeting in front of the building of Auditorium B, Allegaten 66. See the map below.


Invited talks:


J.S. Vaagen (UiB, Bergen): Early accelerator activity in Bergen . _ . [Talk]

N. Kroo (ERC, Brussels): European research and the ERC Cancelled

Stephanie Combs (HIT, Heidelberg): Proton and Carbon Ion Radiotherapy . _ .

S. Kvinnsland (Helse Bergen): Perspectives of radiation therapy in Norway . _ . [Talk]

T. Csörgő (WRCP, Budapest): Tomography in modern nuclear physics . _ . [Talk]

T. Major (NIO, Budapest): Radiotherapy in Hungary: present status and future needs . _ . [Talk]

K. Peach (Univ. of Oxford): Cancer: A Medical Challenge for Physics . _ . [Talk]

D. Röhrich (UiB, Bergen): 50 years of Heavy Ion Physics . _ . [Talk]

T. Csörgő (WRCP, Budapest): Elementary Particles: Quark Matter Card [Talk]





  The Organizing Committee:


Laszlo P. Csernai, MAE, Chair of the Section (

Muhsin Harakeh, MAE, Chair Elect

Dag Rune Olsen, MAE, Organizing Comm. of the Workshop

Jan S. Vaagen,  MAE, Organizing Comm. of the Workshop

Dieter Rohrich, MAE, Organizing Comm. of the Workshop




On Sept. 11, there will be a Section Committee meeting (9:30-10:00) and a Section Business Meeting (10:00-11:00) in the Instiute of Physics and Technology, Bjorn Trumpy's Hus, Allegaten 55, 5007 Bergen, Room 366. [This site is about 10 min. walk from studentsenteret where most of the activities of the AE Annual General Conference will take place. See the map below.]